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Adamson, Elizabeth, Cook, F, Crowther, Carol, Dewar, Belinda, Donaldson, Jayne H, Gloag, Anne, Gray, Morag, Gentleman, Mandy, Hornett, Melanie, Horsburgh, Dorothy, Kalorkoti, Jenny, King, Linda, Macdonald, Alison, McIntosh, Iain, Morrow, Billie, Pullin, Simon, Ross, Janis, Smith, Stephen, Taylor, Scott, Tierney-Moore, Heather, Tocher, Ria and Waugh, Anne (2012) Leadership in Compassionate Care: Executive Summary- Enhancing patient care by promoting compassionate practice. Other. Edinburgh Napier University/NHS Lothian, Edinburgh.

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Aldali, Yasser (2012) Solar thermal and photovoltaic electrical generation in Libya. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

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