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Abukersh, Salem Ahmed (2009) High quality recycled aggregate concrete. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

Adamson, Elizabeth, King, Linda, Moody, Janis and Waugh, Anne (2009) Developing a nursing education project in partnership: leadership in compassionate care. Nursing Times, 105 (35). p. 23. ISSN 0954-7762

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Al-Khayat, Anaam (2009) The connection between image, symbolism, tourist expectations and satisfaction. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

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Alder, Emily (2009) Genetic imperialism and reverse vampirism in Stephen Donaldson's Gap series. In: Monstrous Media/ Spectral Subjects, 21 - 24 July 2009, University of Lancaster. (Unpublished)

Alder, Emily (2009) William Hope Hodgson's borderlands: monstrosity, other worlds, and the future at the fin de siècle. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

Allan, Derek (2009) A semester with the Sony eBook Reader. In: International Conference on the Book, 16th-18th October 2009, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Scotland. (Unpublished)

Allardyce, Stuart and Yates, Peter Michael (2009) The risks of young people abusing sexually at home, in the community or both: A comparative study of 34 boys in Edinburgh with harmful sexual behaviour. Project Report. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh.

Aribi, Zakaria Ali (2009) An Empirical study of corporate social responsibility and its disclosure in Islamic financial institutions. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

Artt, Sarah (2009) Ambulant fetish: the exotic woman in Black Venus and Master. In: Angela Carter: a critical exploration, 6-8 June 2009, University of Northampton & the Network for Modern Fiction Studies. (Unpublished)

Artt, Sarah (2009) Book Review - The Romance of Transgression in Canada: queering sexualities, nations, cinemas by Thomas Waugh. Scope: the online journal of film studies (13).

Artt, Sarah (2009) Irony: adapting Jane Austen's Northaner Abbey. In: 4th Annual Association of Adaptation Studies Conference, 24-25 September 2009, BFI, Southbank. (Unpublished)

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Atthakor, Wisrutta (2009) Polymer microspheres for microbial detection. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

Atton, Chris (2009) Activist media as mainstream source: what can professional journalists learn from Indymedia? In: The Future of Journalism, 9-10 September 2009, University of Cardiff. (Unpublished)

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Atton, Chris (2009) Fanzines: popular culture and creativity. In: Professorial Lecture Series, 9 March 2009, Edinburgh Napier University. (Unpublished)

Atton, Chris (2009) Interest and pressure groups. Other. University of Leicester.

Atton, Chris (2009) Media theory in practice: staff research in the undergraduate classroom. In: QAA Enhancement Event: Research-Teaching Linkages to Enhance Graduate Attributes in Creative and Cultural Practice, 2 November 2009, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow. (Unpublished)

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Atton, Chris (2009) Virtual community and popular culture. In: School of Health and Social Sciences Research Seminar Series, 30 April 2009, Edinburgh Napier University. (Unpublished)

Atton, Chris (2009) Virtual community and popular culture: expertise and authority in fan discourse. In: Generation Net: Arts and Culture in the 21st Century, 21 May 2009, University of Nottingham. (Unpublished)

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Atton, Chris (2009) Writing about listening: alternative discourses in rock journalism. Popular Music, 28 (1). pp. 53-67. ISSN 0261-1430


Baird, Alfred and Wilmsmeier, Gordon (2009) Atlantic and North Sea region ports: regional state-of-the-art report. In: European Seaports Organisation Conference, 14-15 May 2009, Marseilles.

Baird, Alfred and Wilmsmeier, Gordon (2009) Developing motorways of the sea services through transnational research collaboration. In: Maritime Transport: Scotland's Sustainable Economic Growth Opportunity, 5 October 2009, Edinburgh, Scotland. (Unpublished)

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Bielefeldt, Christiane (2009) INTERCONNECTION between short and long-distance transport networks. Project presentation leaflet. Edinburgh Napier University.

Bielefeldt, Christiane (2009) Introduction - Differentiation of infrastructure charges - potential and impacts. European Transport/ Transporti Europei . ISTIEE (Istituto per lo studio dei trasporti nell’integrazione economica europea, Institute for the Study of Transport within the European Economic Integration.

Bishop, David (2009) How Webcomics and the iPhone will influence narrative storytelling in comics and graphic novels. In: Cross Creative: a workshop for digital innovators, November 2009, TRC Media, Glasgow. (Unpublished)

Bishop, David (2009) We're trying to get back to normal here: a case-study of David Cronenberg's "A History of Violence". In: Cult Adaptations Symposium, 25th November 2009, Centre for Adaptations, Campus Centre 2.01, De Montfort University, Leicester.

Bond, Sue, Hollywood, Emma and Colgan, Fiona (2009) Integration in the workplace: emerging employment practice on age, sexual orientation and religion or belief. Other. Equality and Human Rights Commission, Edinburgh.

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Brechin, Sandy, Wilkinson, Ewan, Katz, Mike and Currie, John (2009) Hard Times Come and Go. [Audio]

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Brown, Sally (2009) The role and effectiveness of public-private partnerships (NHS LIFT) in the development of enhanced primary care services and premises; report for the national co-ordinating centre for NHS service delivery and organisation R&D (NCCSDO). Project Report. University of Durham.

Burgess, K E V, Lainson, A, Imrie, L, Fraser-Pitt, Douglas J, Yaga, R, Smith, David G E, Swart, R, Pitt, A R and Inglis, Neil F (2009) Performance of five different electrospray ionisation sources in conjunction with rapid monolithic column liquid chromatography and fast MS/MS scanning. Proteomics, 9 (6). pp. 1720-1726.

Burnett, John (2009) Department of help for skint Scotsmen! Associationalism among Scots migrants in the north east of England ca 1859-1939. In: Ties of bluid, kin and countrie: Scottish associational culture in the diaspora. Stewart Publishing, Markham, Ontario. ISBN 9780889555778

Burton, Katrina (2009) 951912 for orchestra. [Composition]


Cabras, Ignazio (2009) Agglomeration of services at regional level: the case of call centres in Northern England. In: Proceedings of the 1st PhD Conference in Economics in memeory of Vassilis Patzatzis, Athens. UAD PhilEcon, pp. 108-129.

Cabras, Ignazio (2009) Impacts of e-procurement practices in the public-sector onlocal economies: evidence from Cumbria, UK. In: Regional Studies Association International Conference - Understanding and shaping regions: Spatial, social and economic futures, 6-8 April 2009, Leuven, Belgium.

Cabras, Ignazio (2009) Where does the money go? an economic analysis of the purchasing of goods and services operated by the Cumbria County Council. In: Research and Scholarship Festival, 15 July 2009, University of Cumbria. (Unpublished)

Cabras, Ignazio and Mulvey, Gail (2009) Restructuring of nuclear economies: levels of local leakage in West Cumbria. In: Regional Studies Association International Conference - Understanding and shaping regions: Spatial, social and economic futures, 6-8 April 2009, Leuven, Belgium. (Unpublished)

Cabras, Ignazio and Reggiani, Carlo (2009) Beer as a social propellant? A study on rural Cumbria. In: Beeronomics Conference-the Economics of beer and brewing, 27-29 May 2009, Leuven, Belgium. (Unpublished)

Campbell, Karen (2009) The East of Scotland Haematology Nurse Group use of the Virtual Classroom Environment in the Provision of Continuous Professional Development through a Macmillan Online Lecture Series. In: e learning in Health Conference, June 2011, Birmingham.

Campbell, Karen (2009) An evaluation of using E Learning to support Haematology nurse education. In: 35th Annual Meeting of European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplant, 29 March - 1 April 2009, Gothenburgh, Sweden.

Chalmers, Kevin (2009) Investigating communicating sequential processes for Java to support ubiquitous computing. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

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Charles, Kathy E and Egan, Vincent (2009) Sensational interests are not a simple predictor of adolescent offending: evidence from a large normal British sample. Personality and Individual Differences, 47 (4). pp. 235-240. ISSN 0191 8869

Cheon, SangHyun, Dowall, David E and Song, Dong-Wook (2009) Typology of long-term port efficiency Improvement paths: malmquist total factor productivity for world container ports. Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 15 (4). pp. 340-350. ISSN 1076-0342

Chesney, Thomas, Penny, Kay I, Chesney, David, Oakley, Peter, Viglas, S, Templeton, John and Maffulli, Nicola (2009) Data mining trauma injury data using C5.0 and logistic regression to determine factors associated with death. International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management, 10 (1/2). pp. 16-26. ISSN 1368 2156

Chiu, Yi-Ching Jean and Cowan, John (2009) Dealing with affective needs in e-learning: Contrasting two cases in two cultures. In: Cases on Successful E-Learning Practices in the Developed and Developing World: Methods for the Global Information Economy. Hershey, New York, pp. 42-57. ISBN 978-1605669427

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Chung, Hoil (2009) Modelling of nonuniform magnetic field effects on partially magnetised Y-junction circulator. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

Clarke, Peter (2009) Mathematical modelling of BIPV-micro wind system: production, storage and usages. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

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