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Bailey, Mark, Beeston, Michael, Burrin, Phillip and Mutter, C (2005) Five senses. [Performance]

Bailey, Mark, Beeston, Michael, Burrin, Phillip and Mutter, C (2005) Hans Gal – the complete string quartets. [Audio]

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Burton, Katrina (2005) As Time Passes. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Burton, Katrina (2005) Moon Palace II. [Composition] (Unpublished)

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Davies, Huw and Atkinson, N (2005) Reconfiguration / Twenty Eight Mirrors. [Show/Exhibition]

Davismoon, Stephen (2005) ‘...a common treasury ... fragmented’. [Composition]

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Dempster, Kenneth (2005) The Cold Dancer. [Composition]

Dempster, Kenneth (2005) Six feet of blood. [Composition]

Dempster, Kenneth (2005) Six feet of blood. [Performance]

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