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Aguirre, M, Morrison, Donald, Cookson, B D, Gay, F W and Collins, M D (1993) Phenotypic and phylogenetic characterisation of some Gemella-like organisms from human infections: description of Dolosigranulum pigrum gen. nov., sp. nov. Journal of Applied Bacteriology, 75 (6). pp. 608-612. ISSN 0021-8847

Buchanan, William J and Gupta, Naren K (1993) Parallel processing techniques in EMP propagation using 3D finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method. Journal of Advances in Engineering Software, 18 (3). pp. 149-159. ISSN 0965 9978

Clarke, A A and Smyth, Michael (1993) A co-operative computer based on the principles of human co-operation. International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, 38 (1). pp. 3-22. ISSN 0020 7373

Foley, Sophie, Daly, Charles and Fitzgerald, Gerald F (1993) Incompatibility properties of the narrow-host-range lactococcal plasmid pCI305. Journal of General Microbiology, 139 (6). pp. 1271-1276. ISSN 0022-1287

Liu, Xiaodong and Chen, Junlin (1993) Applying artificial intelligence technology in decision support systems. System Engineering, 4.

Liu, Xiaodong and Chen, Junlin (1993) Decision support models of the office automation system for Hebei Province government. Systems Engineering, 4.

McQuaid, Ronald W (1993) Changing roles-Scottish local government and economic development. Edinburgh Economic and Employment Review.

McQuaid, Ronald W (1993) Costing local goverment reform. Local Goverment Studies, 19 (4). pp. 477-486. ISSN 0300 3930

McQuaid, Ronald W (1993) Economic development and local authorities: the Scottish case. Local Economy, 8 (2). pp. 100-116. ISSN 0269 0942

McQuaid, Ronald W (1993) New unitary authorities and economic development. Regions (185). pp. 23-28.

Reed, C, Efstratiou, A, Morrison, Donald and Woodford, N (1993) Glycopeptide-resistant Gemella haemolysans from blood. Letter to the editor. The Lancet, 342 (8876). pp. 927-928. ISSN 0140 6736

Russell, Gordon and Cockshott, W Paul (1993) Architectures for persistence. Microprocessors and Microsystems, 17 (3). pp. 117-130. ISSN 0141-9331

Russell, Gordon and Shaw, Paul (1993) Shifting register windows. IEEE Micro, 13 (4). pp. 28-35. ISSN 0272 1732

Scrivener, Stephen A R, Clark, Sean, Clarke, A A, Connolly, John H, Garner, S W, Palmen, H, Smyth, Michael and Schappo, A (1993) Real-time communication between dispersed work groups via speech and drawing. Wirtschaftsinformatik, 35 (2). pp. 149-156. ISSN 0937 6429

Willis, Diane and Foreman, N (1993) How much do teenagers know about pregnancy and birth? Clinical Psychology Forum. ISSN 1757-2142

Woodford, N, Morrison, Donald, Cookson, B D and George, R C (1993) Comparison of high-level gentamicin resistant (HLGR) Enterococcus faecium isolates from different continents. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 37 (4). pp. 681-684. ISSN 0066-4804

Woodford, N, Morrison, Donald, Johnson, A P, Briant, V, Cookson, B D and George, R C (1993) Application of DNA probes for rRNA and vanA genes to investigation of a nosocomial cluster of vancomycin-resistant enterococci. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 31 (3). pp. 653-658. ISSN 0095-1137

Woodford, N, Morrison, Donald, Johnson, A P and George, R C (1993) Antimicrobial resistance amongst enterococci isolated in the United Kingdom: a reference laboratory perspective. (Comment in Vancomycin-dependent enterococci in the United Kingdom J Antimicrob Chemother. 1994 ). Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 32 (2). pp. 344-346. ISSN 0305-7453

Book Section

Barclay, Peter J, Fraser, Colin and Kennedy, Jessie (1993) Using a persistent system to construct a customised interface to an ecological db. In: Interfaces to Database Systems: Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Interfaces to Database Systems (IDS92), Glasgow, 1-3 July 1992. Workshops in computing . Springer-Verlag, Glasgow, pp. 225-243. ISBN 3-540-19802-4

Barclay, Peter J and Kennedy, Jessie (1993) Viewing objects. In: Advances in databases: Proceedings of the 11th British National Conference on Database Systems. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (696). Springer-Verlag, Berlin & Heidelberg, pp. 93-110. ISBN 978-3-540-56921-3

Paechter, Ben, Luchian, Henri and Cumming, Andrew (1993) An evolutionary approach to the general timetable problem. In: The Scientific Annals of the "Al. I. Cuza" University of Iasi, special issue for the ROSYCS symposium 1993. "Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Press.


Cockshott, W Paul, Cowie, Alex, Russell, Gordon and McGregor, D (1993) Memory resident databases: reliability, compression and performance. Technical Report. University of Strathclyde.

Russell, Gordon and Cockshott, W Paul (1993) A survey of architectures for memory resident databases. Technical Report. University of Strathclyde.

Russell, Gordon and Shaw, Paul (1993) A multiple-stack register file. Technical Report. University Of Strathclyde.

Russell, Gordon and Shaw, Paul (1993) An object-based processor cache. Technical Report. University of Strathclyde.

Russell, Gordon and Shaw, Paul (1993) A stack-based register set. Technical Report. University of Strathclyde.

Conference or Workshop Item

Atton, Chris (1993) Teaching and learning in higher education. In: University, College and Research Group of the Library Association Seminar Series, December 1993, University of Stirling. (Unpublished)

Bielefeldt, Christiane (1993) Automatic Incident Detection and Driver Warning in PORTICO. In: Advanced Transport Telematics Technical Days, 8th-10th March 1993, Brussels.

Bielefeldt, Christiane (1993) HERMES - High Efficiency Roads with Rerouteing Methods and Traffic Signal Control. In: Institute of Transportation Engineers, 63rd Annual Meeting,, 19th-22nd September 1993, The Hague, Netherlands.

Buchanan, William J, Gupta, Naren K and Arnold, J M (1993) Simulation of radiation from a microstrip antenna using three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method. In: Antennas and Propagation, 1993., Eighth International Conference on, 30 Mar 1993 - 02 Apr 1993, Edinburgh , UK.

Matthewman, R W, Smith, Dave and O'Neill, D (1993) The farming system approach to draught animal research and development. In: Human and Draught Animal Power in Crop Production, Proceedings of the Silsoe Research Institute/CEC/FAO Workshop, 18-22 January 1993, Harare.

McQuaid, Ronald W (1993) Evaluation of local economic development. In: COSLA Seminar, 19th May 1993, Edinburgh Napier University.

McQuaid, Ronald W (1993) Local government reform in Scotland: the case of economic development. In: Strategic Management in Public Services Conference, 5th - 6th April 1993, Sheffield Hallam University.

Neades, Barbara Louise (1993) Advanced Trauma Life Support. In: British Association of Critical Care Trauma Nursing Conference, September 1993, Pontypridd. (Unpublished)

Neades, Barbara Louise (1993) Auditing the Emergency Nurse Practitioner Service in A&E. In: South Glamorgan Nursing and Midwifery Audit Conference, Febraury 1993, Cardiff. (Unpublished)

Neades, Barbara Louise (1993) Developing the Emergency Nurse Practitioner System;. In: Northern Regional Health Authority Study Day Nursing Practice - Defining the Future, November 1993, Gateshead, Newcastle. (Unpublished)

Neades, Barbara Louise (1993) Incidence of Children Presenting to A&E with Sunburn and Avoidance Behaviour in Relation to Exposure of Parents and Carers Poster Presentation. In: Emergency Medicine Research Society Conference, September 1993, Stoke on Trent. (Unpublished)

Neades, Barbara Louise (1993) New Developments in Nursing Triage. In: Royal College of Nursing A&E Association Study Day, January 1993, Haverford West. (Unpublished)

Neades, Barbara Louise (1993) The Pitfalls and the Prizes: Developing the Emergency Nurse Practitioner Role. In: Nursing Standard Conference Nurse Practitioners the U.K. / U.S.A. Experience, August 1993, London. (Unpublished)

Russell, Gordon (1993) Lightweight threads for portable software. In: Networking-the Next Generation, UKUUG/SUKUG Conference, January 1993, Oxford University.

Smith, Dave, Pearson, R A and Campbell, I (1993) Changes in food intake and ingestive behaviour of draught cattle and buffalo associated with work. In: Proceedings of the World Conference on Animal Production, 1993.

Smyth, Michael and Knott, Roger P (1993) Metaphors in HCI. In: VAMMS'93, Visual Aspects of Man-Machine Systems, 1993, Parague.

Thompson, M, Wan, C and Binnie, David (1993) Development of a real time Image analysis system for traffic monitoring applications. In: Civil Comp. '93, 1993, Edinburgh, Scotland.


Holmes, Paul (1993) A Small Deposit. [Video]

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