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Macdonald, Iain (2014) Cultural Change in the Creative Industries: a case study of BBC Graphic Design from 1990-2011. Visual Communication, 13 (1). pp. 31-49. ISSN 1470-3572

Forrest, Eve (2013) Reflections on Flickr: everyday photography practices online and offline. Either/ And.

Joyce, Laura Ellen (2013) The Snowtown Murders: Teen Gothic. Transit: Cine Y Otros Desvos.

Artt, Sarah (2009) Book Review - The Romance of Transgression in Canada: queering sexualities, nations, cinemas by Thomas Waugh. Scope: the online journal of film studies (13).

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Book Section

MacPherson, Robin (2015) Peripheral visions? Alternative film in a stateless nation. In: The Routledge Companion to Alternative and Community Media. Routledge, London, pp. 268-277. ISBN 978-0-415-64404-4

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Conference or Workshop Item

Holmes, Paul (2015) GREAT Scotland India event. In: GREAT Scotland India event, 30 November 2015, Delhi, India. (Unpublished)

Holmes, Paul (2015) GREAT Scotland India event. In: GREAT Scotland India event, 27 November 2015, Bengaluru, India. (Unpublished)

Holmes, Paul (2015) GREAT Scotland India event. In: GREAT Scotland India event, 25 November 2015, Mumbai, India. (Unpublished)

Forrest, Eve and Hall, Hazel (2015) Blipfoto: a new return to the beginning of photography. In: International Visual Sociology Association Annual Conference 2015, 25-27 June 2015, Tinos, Greece. (Unpublished)

Holmes, Paul (2015) "Outside the box" and other works. In: University of Calcutta,, July 2015, Kolkata, India. (Unpublished)

Holmes, Paul (2015) Performance in Motion. In: Performance in Motion, July 2015, Kala Bhavana, Shantiniketan, India. (Unpublished)

Holmes, Paul (2015) An interactive discussion with the artist. In: Studio 21, 4 July 2015, Kolkata,. (Unpublished)

Forrest, Eve and Hall, Hazel (2014) Between Exhibition and Contemplation: Exposing everyday entanglements within two online photography sites. In: Helsinki Photomedia 2014, 2014 March, Aalto University. (Unpublished)

Forrest, Eve and Duff, Alistair (2014) Refusing to eat ‘the most effortless food’: Reflections on the absence of photography in opinion pages and the use of the image within ePunditry. In: Helsinki Photomedia 2014, 2014 March, Aalto University. (Unpublished)

Sellors, C. Paul (2011) “A Business Pure and Simple:” Film, Copyright, and Problems for Defining Authorship. In: Of Authorship and Originality, 28 June 2011, Bergen, Norway. (Unpublished)

Sellors, C. Paul (2011) Drawing a Clear Line between Fact and Fiction in the Animated Documentary. In: Animated Realities Conference, 23-24 June 2011, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland. (Unpublished)

Thompson, M, Wan, C and Binnie, David (1993) Development of a real time Image analysis system for traffic monitoring applications. In: Civil Comp. '93, 1993, Edinburgh, Scotland.


Holmes, Paul (2015) Outside the Box. Mutus Liber, Edinburgh. ISBN 978-1-908097-12-5

Gillanders, Robin and Winton, Euan (2012) Photography At Edinburgh Napier University : A Retrospective 2012. Edinburgh Napier University, UK. ISBN 978-0-902703-89-6

Gillanders, Robin (2009) Highland Journey: In the Spirit of Edwin Muir. Birlinn. ISBN 9781841587820

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Naruyste, Agne (2005) Kartos: kintanti fotografija / Generations: changing photography. Menininku samburis „Erdves“. ISBN 9955-9616-2-7

Gillanders, Robin, France, P and Lawson, J (2004) The Philosopher's Garden. National Galleries of Scotland. ISBN 1 903278 64 3

Gillanders, Robin (2004) The photographic portrait:  techniques, strategies and thoughts on making portraits with meaning. David & Charles, Newton Abbot. ISBN 0 7153 1651 6

Gillanders, Robin and Finlay, A (2002) Labanotation: that Archie Gemmill goal. Pocketbooks. ISBN 0 7486 6325 8

McGrath, Roberta (2002) Seeing her sex: medical archives and the female body. Manchester University Press. ISBN 978-0719041686


Boateng, Kofi (2013) Anglophone Sub-Sahara Africa video industry : a new paradigmatic practice of moviemaking. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

Ramirez, Gracia (2013) “In the best interests of the country”: the American film institute and philanthropic support for American experimental and independent cinema in the 1960s. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

Ferguson, Paul (2010) Development of a 3D audio panning and realtime visualisation toolset using emerging technologies. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

Gray, Gordon T (2002) Malaysian cinema and negotiations with modernity: film and anthropology. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.


Scott, Alistair James (2016) Franki Raffles Archive. [Artefact]

Smyth, Michael and Helgason, Ingi (2009) Fragments of place : revealing sense of place through shared phone images. [Artefact]

Drummond, Ivan, Buckley, Jim and Hammond, Judy (2007) Lightweave. [Artefact] (In Press)

Drummond, Ivan, Buckley, Jim and Hamlyn, J (2006) Knightlights. [Artefact]


Holmes, Paul (2015) Outside the box, an exhibition of new video works. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2015) Outside the box. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2015) Outside the box.. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2014) Memory's Journey: Sound installation. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2014) The Persistence of Vision. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2014) These Measures are for Your Protection. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul and McMurdo, Wendy (2013) The Loop. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul and McMurdo, Wendy (2013) The Loop. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2013) The Persistence of Vision. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2013) Sealladh. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2013) Time Machine. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2013) Time Machine. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul and McMurdo, Wendy (2009) The Loop. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul and McMurdo, Wendy (2009) The Loop. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul and McMurdo, Wendy (2009) The Loop. [Show/Exhibition]

Davies, Huw and Coates, M (2007) The changing face. [Show/Exhibition]

Gillanders, Robin (2007) Highland Journey 2006. [Show/Exhibition]

Gray, Paul (2006) Crossing the Atlantic: uneasy spaces. [Show/Exhibition]

Gray, Paul (2006) All for one. [Show/Exhibition]

Davies, Huw and Atkinson, N (2005) Reconfiguration / Twenty Eight Mirrors. [Show/Exhibition]

McMurdo, Wendy, Benson, C and Kearney, F (2005) Through the Looking Glass: childhood in contemporary photography. [Show/Exhibition]

McMurdo, Wendy and Stathatos, J (2004) Wendy McMurdo. [Show/Exhibition]


MacPherson, Robin and Bilgrami, Sana (2004) Tree Fellers. [Image]

MacPherson, Robin and Bell, D (2004) Rebel frontier. [Image]

Bilgrami, Sana (2002) Recreating paradise. [Image]

Bilgrami, Sana (2001) Under My Skin. [Image]


McLean, Diane and Holmes, Paul (2011) A Lesson in Death. [Video]

Ridley-Ellis, Daniel (2008) Bubble hunters 3D. [Video]

Bilgrami, Sana (2004) Across the waters. [Video]

Davies, Huw (2004) The perpetual twilight of Gregor Black. [Video]

Holmes, Paul (2002) Sniper 470. [Video]

Holmes, Paul (1997) Going Down. [Video]

Holmes, Paul (1994) A Country Retreat. [Video]

Holmes, Paul (1993) A Small Deposit. [Video]


Davies, Huw (2005) Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival. UNSPECIFIED.

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