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Artt, Sarah and Schwan, Anne (2016) Introduction - Screening Women’s Imprisonment: Agency and Exploitation in Orange is the New Black. Television and New Media. ISSN 1527-4764 (In Press)

Schwan, Anne (2016) Postfeminism Meets the Women in Prison Genre: Privilege and Spectatorship in Orange is the New Black. Television and New Media. ISSN 1527-4764 (In Press)

Artt, Sarah (2015) 'Not Enough of Him' Technology and Melancholia in 'Be Right Back'. In media res: a media commons project.

Sellors, C. Paul (2014) What in the World Distinguishes Fiction from Nonfiction Film? Film and Philosophy, 18. pp. 105-123. ISSN 1073-0427

Artt, Sarah (2013) Being Inside Her Silence: silence and performance in Lynne Ramsay's Morvern Callar. Scope: an online journal of film and television studies (25). ISSN 1465-9166

Joyce, Laura Ellen (2013) The Snowtown Murders: Teen Gothic. Transit: Cine Y Otros Desvos.

Ridley-Ellis, Daniel (2012) Hot ticket - Bright Club, Edinburgh. New Statesman. p. 40.

MacPherson, Robin (2011) Film success in small countries – from Scotland to Singapore. Culture360.

Grant, Cary (2010) TEST Document - Two muffins or one: cost-savings in the Paris hotels. Test - Journal of spurious films.

Artt, Sarah (2009) Book Review - The Romance of Transgression in Canada: queering sexualities, nations, cinemas by Thomas Waugh. Scope: the online journal of film studies (13).

Sellors, C. Paul (2009) Review of Kathryn H. Fuller-Seeley (ed.) Hollywood in the Neighborhood: Historical Case Studies of Local Moviegoing and Paul S. Moore Now Playing: Early Moviegoing and the Regulation of Fun. Screen, 50 (2). pp. 266-270. ISSN 0036-9543

Turner, Phil, Turner, Susan and Tully, Gabriela (2008) The unfamiliar experience of an interactive movie. Behaviour and Information Technology. ISSN 0144-929X

Sellors, C. Paul (2007) Collective Authorship in Film. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 65 (3). pp. 263-271. ISSN 0021-8529

Sellors, C. Paul (2006) A Realist Account of Fiction. Film and Philosophy, 10. pp. 51-66. ISSN 1073-0427

Sellors, C. Paul (2001) Grafting Union Square onto the Old Rialto: Film-Going within Industrial Society. Living Pictures: The Journal of the Popular and Projected Image before 1914., 1 (1). pp. 38-57. ISSN 1467-0577

Book Section

Macleod, Kirsten (2015) I film therefore I am: process and participation, networks and knowledge – examples from Scottish community media projects. In: Routledge Companion to Alternative and Community Media. Routledge, UK, pp. 505-516. ISBN 9780415644044

Holmes, Paul and MacLean, Rory D J (2015) The Artist in Conversation with Rory Maclean. In: Outside the Box. Mutus Liber, Edinburgh. ISBN 978-1-908097-12-5

Macleod, Kirsten (2015) You play your part – participatory media and older women. In: Media, Margins and Popular Culture. Palgrave Macmillan UK, pp. 28-40. ISBN 978-1-137-51280-2

Artt, Sarah (2014) Vienna to Beijing: Xu Jinglei's Letter From An Unknown Woman and the Symbolic Simulation of Europe. In: Melodrama in Contemporary Film and Television (July 2014). Palgrave. ISBN 9781137319845

MacPherson, Robin (2012) Scottish cinema – myth and reality from Hollywood to Holyrood. In: Directory of World Cinema: Britain. Directory of World Cinema Series . Intellect ltd., Bristol. ISBN 978-1841505572

Neill, Calum (2010) One amongst many: the ethical significance of Antigone and the films of Lars von Trier. In: Interrogating Antigone in postmodern philosophy and criticism. Oxford University Press, pp. 135-146. ISBN 9780199559213

MacPherson, Robin (2009) Shape-Shifters: independent producers in Scotland and the journey from cultural entrepreneur to entrepreneurial culture. In: Scottish Cinema Now. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle Upon Tyne, pp. 222-239. ISBN 978-1-4438-0331-1

Scott, Alistair James (2009) What's the Point of Film School, or, What did Beaconsfield Film Studios ever do for the Scottish film industry? In: Scottish Cinema Now. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 206-221. ISBN 978-1-4438-0331-1

Artt, Sarah (2008) The Rocky Horror Picture Show as self-Reflexive Musical. In: Reading Rocky Horror. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9780230612327

Sellors, C. Paul (2004) Senso. In: The Cinema of Italy. Wallflower Press, pp. 63-71. ISBN 1-903364-98-1

Schwan, Anne (2004) When feminism collides with the politics of difference: the pitfalls of progressive filmmaking. In: CorpoRealities: In(ter)ventions in an Omnipresent Subject. Koenigstein/Taunus: Helmer, pp. 275-289. ISBN 3-89741-123-7

Conference or Workshop Item

Holmes, Paul (2015) GREAT Scotland India event. In: GREAT Scotland India event, 30 November 2015, Delhi, India. (Unpublished)

Holmes, Paul (2015) GREAT Scotland India event. In: GREAT Scotland India event, 27 November 2015, Bengaluru, India. (Unpublished)

Holmes, Paul (2015) GREAT Scotland India event. In: GREAT Scotland India event, 25 November 2015, Mumbai, India. (Unpublished)

Holmes, Paul (2015) "Outside the box" and other works. In: University of Calcutta,, July 2015, Kolkata, India. (Unpublished)

Holmes, Paul (2015) Performance in Motion. In: Performance in Motion, July 2015, Kala Bhavana, Shantiniketan, India. (Unpublished)

Holmes, Paul (2015) An interactive discussion with the artist. In: Studio 21, 4 July 2015, Kolkata,. (Unpublished)

Artt, Sarah (2014) Silence, Melancholia and Science Fiction: Jonathan Glazer's Under the Skin. In: Becoming Scotland, 28-29 August 2014, Queen Margaret University. (Unpublished)

Sellors, C. Paul (2011) “A Business Pure and Simple:” Film, Copyright, and Problems for Defining Authorship. In: Of Authorship and Originality, 28 June 2011, Bergen, Norway. (Unpublished)

Sellors, C. Paul (2011) Drawing a Clear Line between Fact and Fiction in the Animated Documentary. In: Animated Realities Conference, 23-24 June 2011, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland. (Unpublished)

Artt, Sarah (2010) Silence and performance: appreciating Lynne Ramsay's "Morven Callar". In: 20th International Screen Studies Conference, 2nd-4th July 2010, University of Glasgow. (Unpublished)

Artt, Sarah (2010) Vienna to Beijing: letter from an unknown woman, melodrama and the symbolic simulation of Europe. In: Symposium on melodrama in contemporary film and television, 29 October 2010, Queen Margaret University. (Unpublished)

Artt, Sarah (2010) Les Liaison Dangereuses a l'Anglais: Valmont, Dangerous Liaisons and Cruel intentions. In: 5th annual Association of adaptation Studies Conference, 30th Spetember- 1st October 2010, Centre for British Studies, Berlin. (Unpublished)

Artt, Sarah (2009) Irony: adapting Jane Austen's Northaner Abbey. In: 4th Annual Association of Adaptation Studies Conference, 24-25 September 2009, BFI, Southbank. (Unpublished)

Artt, Sarah (2008) Gossip girl and the Luxe as Edith Wharton-lite for 21st century teens. In: 21st Century Teenager: medai representation, theory and policy, 10 -12 July 2008, Trinity & All Saints College, Leeds. (Unpublished)

Artt, Sarah (2007) The woman behind the screen: adapting Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth. In: Women's History Scotland Annual Conference, 13th October 2007, Smith Art Gallery, Stirling. (Unpublished)

Artt, Sarah (2006) Artists or prostitutes: the image of the dancer in Raja Amari's "Satin Rouge" Fatih Akin's "Head on " and Mira Nair's "Vanity Fair". In: Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe, 6-8 July 2006, Oxford Brookes University. (Unpublished)

MacPherson, Robin (2003) The creative producer – the business of art or the art of business? In: CILECT (Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision) Kalos K’agathos - Theory for Practice 3, ‘BEYOND the Theory of Practice’, Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales.

Scott, Alistair James (1999) Film Bang – tracking the community of practice of personnel and production companies in Scotland’s film and television sector 1976-2016. In: MeCCSA (Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association) Annual Conference, 7th-9th January 2015, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne. (Unpublished)

Scott, Alistair James (1999) Is Local TV in Scotland different? In: Nations and Regions Conference: Challenging Media Landscapes, 16th November 2015, Salford, UK. (Unpublished)


Holmes, Paul (2015) Outside the Box. Mutus Liber, Edinburgh. ISBN 978-1-908097-12-5

Sellors, C. Paul (2010) Film Authorship: Auteurs and Other Myths. Short Cuts . Wallflower Press, London. ISBN 9781906660246


Scott, Alistair James (2013) Raploch Stories: continuity and innovation for television documentary production. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

Boateng, Kofi (2013) Anglophone Sub-Sahara Africa video industry : a new paradigmatic practice of moviemaking. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

Ramirez, Gracia (2013) “In the best interests of the country”: the American film institute and philanthropic support for American experimental and independent cinema in the 1960s. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

Karagiannakis, Georgios (2011) Oral histories, hidden identities, silent waters: an audiovisual journey to the Greek side of the Prespa lakes. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

Gray, Gordon T (2002) Malaysian cinema and negotiations with modernity: film and anthropology. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.


Holmes, Paul (2015) Outside the box, an exhibition of new video works. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2015) Outside the box. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2015) Outside the box.. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2014) Memory's Journey: Sound installation. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2014) The Persistence of Vision. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2014) These Measures are for Your Protection. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul and McMurdo, Wendy (2013) The Loop. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul and McMurdo, Wendy (2013) The Loop. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2013) The Persistence of Vision. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2013) Sealladh. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2013) Time Machine. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul (2013) Time Machine. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul and McMurdo, Wendy (2009) The Loop. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul and McMurdo, Wendy (2009) The Loop. [Show/Exhibition]

Holmes, Paul and McMurdo, Wendy (2009) The Loop. [Show/Exhibition]


McLean, Diane and Holmes, Paul (2011) A Lesson in Death. [Video]

Holmes, Paul (2002) Sniper 470. [Video]

Holmes, Paul (1997) Going Down. [Video]

Holmes, Paul (1994) A Country Retreat. [Video]

Holmes, Paul (1993) A Small Deposit. [Video]


Ridley-Ellis, Daniel (2012) MacAulay and Co. [Audio]

Ridley-Ellis, Daniel (2011) BBC Radio Scotland Comedy Café. [Audio]


Gibson, Lyn (2011) Test document - Investigation into the supply and demand of breakfast muffins in Paris hotels. [Dataset]


Milne, Louise (2011) The Druids, Travels in deep England. Lanterna Magicka.

Bilgrami, Sana (2011) Fragments of a love story. Room Nineteen.

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