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Al-Rousan, Mohammad, Bani Yassein, Muneer, Al-Dubai, Ahmed, Ghaleb, Barraq and Mahmoud, Ibrahim (2015) A novel situation specific network security for Wireless Sensor Networks. Sensors and Transducers, 186 (3). pp. 33-42.

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Salayma, Marwa, Al-Dubai, Ahmed, Romdhani, Imed and Yassein, Muneer Bani (2014) Battery Aware Beacon Enabled IEEE802.15.4: An Adaptive and Cross-Layer Approach. In: 11th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services, 2-5 December 2014, London.

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Irvine, Robert John (2013) Success factors for organisational information systems development projects: a Scottish suppliers’ perspective. PhD thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

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Edinburgh Napier University (2012) Many-to-Many embedded multicast addressing and access control method. GB2465017.

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Wagstaff, Ashlef (2009) Comparing and contrasting different mobile phone technologies when implementing out-of-band authentication to a web portal using social security numbers to identify users. Other thesis, Edinburgh Napier University.

Tandjaoui, Djamel, Doudou, Messaoud and Romdhani, Imed (2009) FH-MAC: A Multi-Channel Hybrid MAC Protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks. International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing, 1 (4). pp. 40-56. ISSN 1938-0259

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Smith, S G, Cowan, C F N and Rutter, Malcolm (1983) A new structure for adaptive echo cancellation. In: IEEE Int. Conf. ASSP, 1983, Boston, USA.

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