Frequently Asked Questions

>What is the Edinburgh Napier Research Repository?

The Repository is an Open Access showcase for the published research output of the University. It was developed in 2007 and launched as a live service in 2008. The Repository uses Eprints software and the service is hosted by Eprints at the University of Southampton.

> Who looks after the Repository?

The Repository team within Information Services look after the Research Repository on behalf of the University and especially its research community. We will offer advice, support and practical help. Contact us at

> What does it contain?

It aims to contain the total publicly available research and scholarly output of the University, preferably in full-text. Some items may be bibliographic records (metadata) only.

> What are the benefits of the Research Repository

Primarily, it increases the impact of your research by making it more visible and thereby improves its citation rate. It enables you to be visible to other researchers in your field, opening paths to collaboration and establishment of research networks, and thus raising your academic profile across the world. By depositing in the Repository, you can ensure you are meeting any open access requirements of funding bodies. It also keeps a record of your publications in one place and with enhanced, accurate bibliographic data.

> How do I access the Research Repository?

The Repository is free to access by anyone, without special permissions. To deposit material, you will need a user name and password. If you don’t have a password please contact us at

> Do I have to deposit my research outputs in the Repository?,

Yes. Academic staff, research associates, research assistants, research students and other members of University staff are entitled and required to deposit digital copies of refereed and accepted research documents. They should also deposit material which has been displayed, performed or publicly shown, to the extent that such documents or materials constitute work carried out by you during the course of your employment and which relates or is capable of relating to the business of the University. See the Open Access Self-deposit Mandate for further details.

> Who deposits material in the Repository?

The creator of the research output can self-deposit their material in the Repository. However, the Repository team in Information Services will deposit material on your behalf. Just send all the details to the repository

> How do I self-deposit?

Watch this video for general guidance on self-depositing to the repository

Watch this video for guidance on depositing using the DOI

Further information is available on our help pages.

> What sort of formats are in the Repository?

Journal articles, conference papers, posters, book chapters, PhD theses. For those active in Creative Industries, a descriptive record of their intellectual output e.g. images, films, exhibition catalogues, sound or visual recordings of performances or events are acceptable, although fuller records of work may be supplied at their discretion. If you are unsure whether the Repository will accept a particular format, please contact us at

> What sort of full-text am I allowed to put in the Repository?

Because of copyright issues, the following guidelines apply:

Journal articles or conference papers may be submitted as accepted drafts not yet refereed (preprint). However, it is mandatory that the refereed, final, submitted, accepted version (postprint) is later entered into the repository as the last university owned version of the document. If publishers prohibit deposit in that form then the preprint plus corrigenda should be submitted instead.

Pre-refereed research literature, conference papers or posters, or accepted articles/chapters to appear in proceedings or books should be deposited.

> What about theses?

Post graduate students are required to deposit a digital copy of their thesis in the Research Repository. You may apply for a two year embargo on access as laid down in the University regulations for theses submission.

> What if I don’t want anybody to see my publication for a period of time?

You may restrict access to your work to just the Edinburgh Napier research community, or to the Repository Administrators.

> I’ve written a whole book – do I have to put that in as full-text?

No. You are not required to deposit the full text of books or research monographs, but are required to supply the bibliographic details along with abstracts and metadata to identify the works.

> How do I find out what publishers allow me to do?

You can check out publisher permissions by going to the Sherpa Romeo website at:

> Can you give me any further advice about copyright?

Yes, see the Copyright Guidelines.

> I’m worried about getting the bibliographic metadata right – who can help me with this?

It is University policy that each depositor should be required to make the minimum effort in order to provide open online access to their research output. The Repository is designed to enable uploading of documents and entry of minimal extra data. The Repository team from Information Services staff will administer the repository to ensure that metadata is standardised and completed.

> Who has the final say in what goes in the Repository?

The repository manager, acting for the University, has the right to restrict access to the substance of digital files deposited until external publisher agreements, copyright regulations and internal intellectual property issues have been fully addressed.

> What is the Ref Plugin?

The Ref plugin is a tool which can support your Ref 2014 submission. Using the tool allows Unit of Assessment champions to collate the Ref 1 & Ref 2 data for your submission. It also allows you to run reports at any time for your Unit of Assessment allowing you to check and verify outputs selected for submission.

> I am a Unit of Assessment champion. How do I use the Ref Plugin?

Ask the Repository Administrator to update your profile within the Repository by e-mailing . Watch the video below which demonstrates the key features of the Ref Plugin tool.

Watch the video demonstrating the key features of the Ref Plugin tool here

>Can I add information about my funder and project to the item record?

Yes, there are specific fields in the details screen where you can add this information.

>Where can I find out more about Open Access?

We have created a website and blog to keep you up to date with information about Open Access and how it may affect you. Follow this link to find out more – :

> How do I search other Repositories?

You can search other Repositories either directly, or via these services:

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