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User Guide to Search Tools in the Repository@Napier

The Browse by Year button in the repository function bar displays the number of items published in each year and recorded in the repository. By left clicking the mouse on a date a list of those publications will appear in chronological order, but those for which the month of publication is unknown will follow the others. To obtain more information about any item left click the mouse on a title or click on a PDF icon.

The Browse by Subject button in the function bar displays a list of broad disciplinary categories defined by the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme used in the libraries of Edinburgh Napier University. The numbers of items in any category are also shown. To obtain a list of items concerning any academic discipline click on it and a list of relevant items will appear. Then click on an item or a PDF icon to obtain more information.

The Browse by Department button displays a list of the faculties, schools, research centres and support units in Edinburgh Napier University, which have contributed items to the repository. Clicking on a named organisation will display a list of the documents which their members have contributed. Click on an item or a PDF icon to obtain more information.

The Browse by Author button displays an alphabetical list of surnames and initials of authors who have contributed items to the repository, together with the number of items contributed. Click on a name to display the relevant items, then click on a title or PDF icon to obtain more information.

The Search Repository box is best used for quick, single name, date, department or topic searches. Enter the word or phrase in the box, click the Search Repository button and a list of relevant items will be displayed, but the other search options yield more controlled results. Click on a displayed item or PDF icon to obtain more information.

The Simple Search button is similar to the Search Repository box but the group of items retrieved may be narrowed by using the menu to specify that all of the terms entered must be present, or the group of items retrieved may be enlarged by using the menu to specify that any of the terms could be present in items displayed. Note that if too much data is entered no results may be found and if that occurs remove some of the desiderata and try again.

The Advanced Search button leads to a long series of boxes into which search criteria may be entered, thus enabling very sophisticated, multi-criteria, searches to be conducted, but it is not necessary to complete all the fields – only use those relevant to the current search! Search criteria are briefly reviewed below.

Subject matter not mentioned in the title may be found by searching in the abstract or uncontrolled keywords fields, simply enter appropriate terms for the search. The Library of Congress search terms and categories are provided as an alternative means of identifying items by discipline: click on the most relevant subject category. Item format searching is done by clicking on the most appropriate box in the menu provided. Surnames of editors may be entered in the appropriate field. Publication status is chosen by clicking on the appropriate search menu box, but choosing a status will exclude items in all other statuses; however, if no box is clicked then all statuses are searched and retrieved. Refereed or not refereed items may be chosen by clicking the appropriate phrase revealed in the menu by using the down arrow at the end of the search box. It is possible to search by entering, in the search box provided, the title or words from a title of a book, document, film or other item. Date searching may include single dates or date ranges separated by dashes (e.g. 2004-2007, 2004-, -2004, 2004-06-01-2005-03-26).

Note that the retrieved records box, at the foot of the advanced search page, is important and should be completed carefully! If several search fields have been completed, then decide whether all or any of those criteria must be present in items retrieved, then click the appropriate phrase in the menu box, otherwise results may not be completely relevant. Finally if many items are expected to be retrieved use the menu of the last search box to choose the logical order in which items are to be displayed.

Malcolm Jones
Repository Manager
Information Services

How to Deposit an Item in the Repository@Napier

  • Information Services staff will assist anyone who wishes to deposit an item in the Repository@Napier. Please make initial contact by e-mailing or visit Merchiston Campus Library.

  • Self-deposit is strongly encouraged. Staff and research students may deposit items using the instructions below:

  • The repository may be found at and clicking the Login button on the home page will enable depositors to enter their user name and password to begin the process. (see the FAQ's on the "About" pages)

  • Click the button labelled New Item on the next page to open the Edit item process page.

  • Click on Type in the process boxes and then click on the most appropriate button (eg. Article).

  • Click on Upload in the process box line – a new window opens.

  • Click the Sherpa-Romeo link above the Browse box to check the regulations for open access deposit, which apply to the journal or publisher.

  • Use the Browse box to bring up the address of the pre-published item, which has been accepted for publication and is on your computer. Click Open to ensure that the correct address is showing in the Browse box.

  • Click the Upload button beside the Browse box. A PDF icon will appear.

  • Click on the Details page in the process box line and a menu will appear where depositors must add their names in the Creators boxes and depositors must also add, in the appropriate box, the journal or conference or exhibition or event title where the item will be published.

  • Depositors are free to add as much or as little other data as they feel inclined to provide. Keywords may be useful. IS staff will complete and standardise metadata where appropriate.

  • Click the Save and Exit button before leaving the Details page. Do not worry if the program indicates that data is incomplete. IS staff will complete it, and they will contact academic staff if necessary.

  • Do not enter information in the subject area. IS staff will do that.
  • To continue the deposit process click Next.

  • A copyright declaration page appears. Make an appropriate response to demonstrate that you have thought about copyright and that material lodged does not violate copyright law.

  • Click Deposit then click Logout.

  • The repository may still be searched after logging out, but newly deposited items will not appear in any form until IS staff complete metadata, check regulations for display and then move the new item to the live repository.

  • Any problems or difficulties, please get in touch with us at

Malcolm Jones
Repository Manager,
Information Services

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